Partner for a Stable Community

Helping Landlords Recuperate COVID-Related Rent Debt

Faith in Action Bay Area is inviting small landlords in San Francisco and San Mateo Counties to join the “Partners for a Stable Community” initiative! This is an effort to unite and support those who rent spaces to others in taking steps to keep their tenants home during the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that the pandemic has been hard on mom-and-pop landlords, and we want landlords and their tenants to be stable for the good of the whole community.

Under SB 91, the state of California now offers rental relief for landlords whose tenants have been unable to pay rent during the pandemic. If you, as a landlord, apply to this program and your tenant is eligible, you will receive 80% of the rent debt owed to you, if you agree to forgive the remaining 20%. Below you will find a link to apply on

We are reaching out to small landlords whose tenants qualify for state rental relief and supporting them in their applications. We also invite all those who rent spaces to others to sign a pledge to become a “Partner for a Stable Community” and do what they can to keep their tenants home during the pandemic. If you or someone you know collects rent, we invite you to sign this pledge.

For landlords who need support in their applications, we will be hosting educational webinars. If you are interested in attending these webinars or have questions about this initiative, or if you would like to help us reach out to landlords, please contact Nani at

We’ve included the following useful materials:

Link to to Apply

SB 91 Flyer in English

SB 91 Volante en Espanol

Clergy Toolkit