Artwork by Roma Edwards (Faith in Action Bay Area youth leader)

We are community organizers and leaders 
working in congregations and schools across San Francisco and San Mateo Counties to uphold the dignity of all people. We develop the shared leadership of community members and lift up our faith values, in order to confront power and change unjust systems.

At a time in which political and economic forces are hurting Bay Area families like never before, our work is more critical than ever. As Faith in Action Bay Area leaders share analysis, make decisions together, and take action collectively, they become a beacon of hope and power for their communities, in whatever they do–whether it’s fighting for the rights of families and seniors to stay in their homes, inviting voters in their neighborhood to imagine what it would be like to transform their city into one in which everyone belongs, or launching a listening campaign in their congregations to hear the pains and needs of their community.

Faith in Action Bay Area is a multi-racial, multi-lingual, intergenerational and cross-class organization that is led by those most affected by injustice, such as low-income families and workers, immigrants, and youth. We are committed to building and deepening relationships across different communities. Some highlights of our work include:

  • Creating the Rapid Response Network to report and respond to ICE activity in both counties; setting up a 24/7 hotline; organizing 1500 emergency responders; and training communities about their rights.
  • Winning more affordable housing in our communities, and fighting to make it truly affordable.
  • Passing emergency ordinances protecting tenants from unjust evictions and rent hikes in San Mateo County, and the cities of Daly City, Redwood City, San Carlos, and San Mateo.
  • Creating two new public high schools in San Francisco focused on social justice education for students of color.