Faith In Action Bay Area
Job Announcement – Community Canvasser

About Faith In Action Bay Area
Faith In Action Bay Area believes all people have power and a voice. Every day we amplify that power by
uniting diverse faith voices and equipping grassroots leaders to stand up for what their
communities need, winning systems changes that improve the lives of Bay Area residents. We are
a multi-faith, multi-racial organization working to transform the Bay Area into a place that
supports inclusive and integrated communities where all – regardless of age, race, language, legal
status, income, religion or identity – can live safe, dignified, and healthy lives, free of fear and
alienation. Our work is guided and led by our community based leaders who are directly impacted
by socio-economic and racial injustice.

Faith In Action clergy, grassroots leaders, and staff are helping to lead some of the most urgent
fights for justice and equity in the region, including: organizing tenants to fight for housing justice;
protecting and expanding affordable housing; welcoming immigrants as full citizens in this country
(e.g. keeping families together, economic dignity); holding police accountable and dismantling the
criminal justice system. We do all this through leadership development, grassroots advocacy, and
mobilizing voters.

Faith In Action is a member of PICO CA network and Faith In Action National Network, the largest
grassroots faith-based network in the U.S.