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State Law Provides Some Eviction Protections Until June 30, 2021!

Community Response Line

(203) 666-4472


1. Provide a Signed Declaration of Financial Distress to Your Landlord

Download the Declaration of Financial Distress Here.

Each time you receive an eviction notice or written demand for payment from your landlord, respond by returning a Declaration of COVID-19 financial distress to your landlord within 15 days. Take pictures to keep proof of everything.

You don’t have to wait to receive an eviction notice. You can send the Declaration of Financial Distress NOW.

Returning the declaration can protect you from eviction until June 30, 2021.

2. By June 30, 2021, you must pay 25% of the rent for the period of September 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021.

If you have any ability to pay part of the rent, pay 25% of the rent each month. Include a letter instructing the landlord to apply the rent to the current month.

The state of California is setting up a NEW rental assistance fund for tenants unable to pay the 25%. The fund has not yet opened, so please call the Community Response Line for more information.

3. DO NOT apply for any loans, and DO NOT SIGN payment plans from your landlord without calling the Community Response Line or talking to a lawyer.

You can do a FREE consultation with the Legal Aid Society of San Mateo County at (650) 517-8911 or Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto at (650) 326-6440.