Petition for Decent and Healthy Housing

It is morally wrong that hundreds of families in Redwood City are living in inhumane conditions, experiencing harassment, receiving unfair eviction notices for renovations, and we do not have a clear process to exercise the rights that we have. As community leaders in religious congregations, schools and neighborhoods, we collectively decided to focus on the following urgent priorities to ensure that our families can live in a decent and healthy home and to reduce the number of families experiencing homelessness.

We urge the City Council to take these actions to keep Redwood City residents in their homes:

  • Restrict evictions due to renovations and give tenants a right to return.
  • Prevent harassment of tenants by landlords and act on cases of intimidation when reported.
  • Create a rental relations office for landlords and tenants to provide confidential information about their housing unit (rent increases, evictions, harassment, etc.), improve the process for monitoring building safety, process relocation assistance, and enforce landlord and tenant right