Keep Californian Families in Their Homes!

Protect Families from Eviction and Forgive Accumulated Rent Debt


As people of faith and values, we believe all of our families deserve to have safe, affordable housing and stay in our homes. More than ever, our collective well-being depends on it.

As millions of Californians have lost income or jobs, our state politicians need to decide who they stand with: landed, corporate interests, or our communities struggling to get by and pay rent and mortgages.

Together, we demand CA’s elected leaders act boldly to forgive rent and protect families from long-term debt and prioritize renters over landlords!

We choose to respond to crisis by casting a new moral vision in 2021: a CA where all of us, no matter our race or what’s in our wallets, have what we need to survive, thrive, and belong. 

Recommended Talking Points

Hi, my name is __________, and I’m calling from __________ (federation/organization). Our statewide network of faith leaders is calling on you to protect our families by forgiving rent debt accumulated during the pandemic and shield tenants and working families over landlords and corporate interests.

[Two brief sentences about why this is important to you and your local community, especially if you are a constituent.] 

We urge you to demonstrate bold leadership and vote to keep Californian families in their home.