Faith in Action Bay Area is fortunate to have staff and leaders who infuse our work with love, color, and creativity! Please enjoy some of the drawings, paintings, posters, and sculptures that community members have created over the years.

Are you an artist who has made art for Faith in Action Bay Area? Please email a high-quality photo of your artwork to Lisa Marie at, and we will feature your piece on our website.

2020: Hand-drawn logo by Roma Edwards
2017: Lorena Melgarejo paints Faith in Action Bay Area leaders holding a candlelight vigil in the Mission District
2020: Lorena Melgarejo paints Faith in Action leader Brenda Cordoba holding a sign for our “No Seniors Without Homes” action
2019: Invitation to our “Dignity for Our Grandparents” action, by Roma Edwards
2020: “No Seniors Without Homes” poster by Roma Edwards
2018: Violeta Roman’s map of the number of voters registered in San Francisco and San Mateo Counties, for a presentation on Integrated Voter Engagement
2020: “Reclaiming the Soul of the City” sculpture by Violeta Roman and Rosario
2020: Faith Votes Postcard by Roma Edwards
2019: A map of all the congregations participating in our “Soul of the City” action on San Francisco City Hall, by our in-house cartographer Violeta Roman
2018: “Justice is What Love Looks Like in Public” painting, by various Faith in Action Bay Area leaders